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Daily Dog Walks - for those days you will just be gone too long

Daily Visits - as many visits per day as you would like.  Puppies and geriatric pets sometimes need a little more care.  Kitties are generally more than happy to have one visit per day.

At no extra charge, your pet will be given their daily medication or insulin if required.  I am also experienced with giving subcutaneous fluids.

Over Nights - For those that prefer somebody spend the night with their pet, that is also an option.  We will discuss specific expectations and requirements at the consultation.  Please allow plenty of advanced notice - preferably one month - if you are going on vacation and would like overnight pet care.

Pet Massage - I am a Certified Canine Massage Therapist. Pets benefit from massage just as people do.  It relaxes stiff muscles, increases circulation, and is relaxing.  Canine Massage alleviates arthritis stiffness, helps release toxins, and increases immunity.

House Sitting - I will do weekly checks on your home and pick up fliers, telephone books, check for storm damage and anything else you specify while you are out of town with your pets on a long-term basis.  At the very least, it lets people know somebody is keeping an eye on your place.